1977 Dodge Ramcharger By Billy Brixey

1977 Dodge Ramcharger By Billy Brixey image 1.

This Is My Dodge Ramcharger: I have have owned it about a year now and it has not been easy. I first bought the Ramcharger from my dads friend, it’s got a 360 .30 over with a cam (have not got size yet). I love this truck first off it’s mopar and second I’ve spent so much time putting it together and trying to keep transmissions in it. (bought it without the top or front end finished and 5 colors). It’s got a 4″ body lift a Dana 44 front end 410g and stock 355g in the rear (there’s my drivetrain problem) she has a heating problem but due to the fan. The body is all new except driver door. I about came to selling her cause of how fast she was eating transmissions till I looked at the gears, now finding parts to finish it and the money so slow going but worth it. Working on this truck is not easy, everything I know I had to figure out on my own. Well if you have any helpful advice such as websites for parts or you have and helpful tips of you’re own that would help me finish this beast feel free to call or text my cell 1-(913)-731-2578 thanks for looking at my 77 Ramcharger and wish me luck and good luck to you on your mopar.

Billy Brixey – Paola, Kansas

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