1975 Dodge RamCharger By Steve H.

1975 Dodge RamCharger By Steve H. image 1.

This Is My Dodge Ramcharger: 1975 Dodge RamCharger. I have the hard top as well as the factory soft top for my RamCharger. I’ve done a 4 Inch body lift and a 2 Inch suspension lift on it. I will soon be adding more suspension lift. I made a custom light bar for it because nobody makes any aftermarket parts for the RamCharger. I also made the front bumper. I’ve also replaced the front and rear axles with a set from a 81 RamCharger that I had laying around, so I could have locking hubs to go with the transfer case from a 93 pickup. This way It can be a part time 4 wheel drive and one day I’ll replace the axles with a set of Dana 60’s when I can afford it. On the back I’ve got a tire carrier that I also managed to fit a spare gas can on. There’s still a lot I would like to do to my truck but as you all know it takes two things, lots of money and lots of time. I know I will never be done, but that’s the fun.

Steve H. – Mississauga, Canada

1975 Dodge RamCharger By Steve H. image 2.

1975 Dodge RamCharger By Steve H. image 3.

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