1988 Dodge Ramcharger By SaMiaM

1988 Dodge Ramcharger By SaMiaM image 1.

This Is My Dodge Ramcharger: I have an 88 Dodge Ramcharger. The only original parts on the truck are the body and frame, the frame has been modified and a body swap is in the future. This is what I have done to my truck. Swapped in a 440 and loadflight tranny out of a 75 Motor Home Radiator and tranny cooler out of the Motor Home 1 ton axles out of a (I think 70) Chevy with 4.56 gears 10 inches of suspension lift (custom) 3 in body lift (forgot the manufacturer) 40 X 17 X 16.5 Ground hawgs on 16.5 X 14 Eaton Wheels Soft riding custom front springs Rear springs from a 97 1 ton Dodge Blockless and flipped the u-bolts (pointing up instead of down) Looking for a NP 205 Transfer Case if anyone’s got one (have a 208) Fab’ed bumpers and skidplate (making skidplate for the rear) Fab’ed spring perches, shackles and hangers (some of the lift) Fab’ed dual shock setups (be done soon) Fab’ed frame cross members Fab’ed steering arm block 4 in dropped pitman arm Pro Comp dual steering stabilizers. SaMiaM’s Dodge Ramcharger was originally featured in the Emailed Mopars section September 2000. For more pictures of SaMiaM’s Ramcharger Visit Here!

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