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1984 Dodge Ramcharger By Matt Berry

1984 Dodge Ramcharger By Matt Berry image 1.

This Is My Dodge Ramcharger: This 1984 dodge Ramcharger le royal is a beast of a 4x4. I have added the Auburn gear locker to the front dana as well as the ring and pinion posi (limited slip diff.) newley rebuit 4.10 radiator, brake lines, telescopic steering shaft for the lift kit I'm installing soon. I also installed the AGR steering box and upgraded the pump as needed. The AGR steering box is worth every penny. It will literally lift the trucks body out of a rut if you turn it with a little extra effort and will move large rocks if need be. depending on conditions of doesn't take much effort to realize its powerful, it also turns without a sound. AGR make a great steering box upgrade!!! With the gearing upgrades this truck will go anywhere any truck I've ever been off road with new and old however the body is getting weak., as well as the lack of articulation without the suspension lift. Up hear in NY they salt the roads in the winter. i'm a body man and I realize it's beyond repair where the body meets the frame mounts so I'm looking for a body to swap out. If anyone knows where a solid ramcharger body is ,87 or older please send them my way. I don't mind if it needs minor body work or if it even runs...i want a frame off body for total rust proofing and it needs to be rust rot free!!! meaning only a little scraping and wire wheel stripping needed. rust happens...i already have a body that wont handle another hard hitting mud course. Thanks mopar fans! BTW my first car in 1987 was a 1968 dodge charger...I still wake in the mornings wishing i could see her in the driveway. Maybe again someday.

Matt Berry - Auburn, New York

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