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1976 Dodge RamCharger By Rolan Carr

1976 Dodge RamCharger By Rolan Carr image 1.

This Is My Dodge Ramcharger: 1976 Dodge Ram Charger, purchased new off dealers lot in 1976. Basically stock except that I replaced the original engine with another 318. I like the simplicity of this model. Metal interior so I can mount things to it, like a tape player. Vinyl seats and rubber floor so people in muddy clothes can get in. A tailgate to extend the bed, or to use as a table. A steel bumper so my truck doesn't get hurt when people run into me. (Twice) Big rear-view mirrors. A fuse box behind the glove compartment door. Skid plates to protect the underside on really rough roads. I have driven it up narrow roads without worrying about bushes brushing the sides. I have washed it out with a hose. I have tied rubber boats on the roof. This is a True Sport UTILITY Vehicle. Not a show piece.

Rolan Carr - Salt Lake City, Utah

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